BreatheCon 2019!!!!!

Hey everyone!!!

So for the past 2 months id say, i have been meeting up with the staff virtually (webcam) every Tuesday night, as we have been planning BreatheCon 2019! What is Breathecon?

Breathecon is a virtual event where CFers 18+ log in for the weekend event and share concerns, questions, science, new medical devices, etc… We have dozens of classes that CFers register for and join and listen and talk about that class’ topic. I will be a facilitator for “Careers and CF”, as of right now there are 95 people registered to attend it. We have over 500 registered total so far for the entire event.

I ask all CFers to please register for this event, check out the classes we have and join them! You will get hooked and start doing it yearly. This is my second year being a facilitator.

You get to share your opinions and check out awesome classes such as;

“Going Public with your CF”
“Let’s Talk Healthy Eating”
“Supporting Each Other With CFRD”
”Exploring Airway Clearance Options”

And many more.. So please check it out, and if you like the classes, join! The event is Sept. 21-22 2019. This website link shows the class agenda with date and times, and also to register.