Pit stop before Denver

Hello everyone!

So the lease was up on our condo in Raleigh about two weeks ago. My father, friend and i packed up everything into a 20ft UHAUL, and towed my fathers car, he left with it all and went to Denver, arrived 3 days later safely. I packed everything i could in the car (including Fenway) and moved in with a friends house on Lake Norman for about 6 weeks. As many of you know Fenway did get her ACL surgery done and it went great. The payment was just over $3800 for everything, now that is also paying for all her post appointments, therefore we are asked to stay for 8 weeks total until she is released. So if anything goes wrong, post appointments and xrays, it is all covered. We have 4 weeks left, maybe 3 if i can get her released early. I am lining her up with Hydrotherapy asap, his will help a lot with recovery.


My health is doing well, i was a bit scared about living in my friends basement, however i blew PFTs using my portable machine and blew the best ever, so i am happy with that. I did have to switch manufactures for my prograf, i was using Dr. Reddy manufacture, however Walgreen’s has had trouble with the wholesaler as Dr. Reddy has been producing a shortage due to some FDA violations and other things. Therefore we were forced to switch me to a new manufacture. Now when switching manufactures for your prograf, you need to go back and get labs done weekly for 3-4 weeks again. Because not all prograf is the exact same, so you need to monitor your levels again like in the beginning of transplant. The fact you have to do it period, i don’t care about, i have nothing to complain about in life.


Also, a reminder to all CFers or parents of, Breathecon 2019 is approaching, mid September, I will have a follow up post regarding it. I will be facilitating one (Careers and CF), possibly two classes (TBD).