Annie McMahon

I never knew Annie McMahon, but i wish i did, i wish i got the chance to meet her, speak to her, laugh with her. I have heard and seen so many great things about her. I hate the fact that just 7 months ago I saw her at Six Flags with 6 other awesome smiling and laughing girls. I hate it but i love it. I hate it cause now 7 months later she is watching over us from above. How could something in 7 months happen the way it did. Now granted I am sure she knew, maybe they knew, that she was in rejection, or maybe nobody knew? The fact is that Cystic Fibrosis sucks, and you can see why. Now i love the Six Flags because 6 months or maybe less when her health turned for the worse, that memory was with her, that amazing and fun time she had, and it was recent! I am sure there are so many memories she can think of through out those days that put a smile on her face.


Now i already knew who Annie was before her health turned bad, not personally but i knew who she was through the CF community, being connected with everyone. We all know each other somehow, facebook, instagram, websites. And this community we have in the Cystic Fibrosis world via social media is amazing. I wish i knew about it pre-tx, when i was getting real sick back in Colorado, i could have learned a lot. No need to get rocks though because i am more than grateful.


I started really following Annie when i heard she was being evaluated for a third double lung transplant at Duke. I followed all her updates on facebook and eventually on Instagram. For those that don't know, a lot of her friends and the help of community put together a video of herself and friends in a circle at her hospital room singing Taylor Swift. From there it was to share the video amongst all your social media platforms, with copy and paste the wording and hashtags, the goal was to get Taylor Swift to see her. Within days Taylor did call her and they spoke for about 18 minutes. From there it snowballed using contact relationships, and other sources, and many celebrities reached out to her. Now what I admire is how through her final days (doctors quoted), which actually turned into weeks and maybe over a month cause she was a beast, she kept up with social media. She still thanked all the celebs, she still spoke on the platforms.


She reminds me a lot of April Elaine Campbell, April would help me out with questions and tips about going through lung transplant. April already had a lung transplant and was in need of a second, unfortunately she was not accepted to any of the places she tried and passed away while looking for another center to evaluate/take her. Now even 2-3 weeks before April passed I would be speaking to her via messenger, she was still helping me with things! This was when she had no open options and she knew how rocky her future was and how her health was deteriorating fast. Yet she still got on social media, spoke about updates, spoke to me and helped me, i saw her answering other CFers questions in facebook groups and lung tx groups. She was an amazing person, Annie reminds me of her. When you are in a position where you know you have weeks or even days left in this world, and yet you are still online helping others, that is remarkable and you are truly an angel.


I don't want to continue on and make this an unbelievably long post because i could. I'd just like to end it with saying again, I wish i had the chance to meet Annie, going through everything she went through in life and passing away at such a young age, it is something that just should not happen in this world, this life. These are the things we need to come together and fix, we need to have more seminars, more donations, more awareness and more organ donation registrations. To many CFers are passing away way to young, another example being my sister who passed away in 1997 when she was turning 18 yrs old in one month and i was 13 yrs old. Shit like that should not be happening and that's why we all need to do are part. Breathe easy Annie and April. #CURECF #CYSTICFIBROSIS #DONATELIFE