So i just got back from a little vacation, New Orleans! I drove down to Orlando, took Priscila out for a little V-day dinner (as friends). Now she doesn’t actually live in Orlando, she lives right above it though in Winter Park FL, which is gorgeous. Sometimes its just easier to say Orlando as people know of that way more than Winter Park. Drove down on the 14th, and on the 15th we left in the rental car. We decided to drive instead of air, as airfare was insanely expensive, and it gave me a chance to show her Panama City (i’ve been too) and she could show me Tallahassee (she’s been too) on the drive back. Its about a 10.5hr drive with no breaks, se we got an ocean view balcony hotel right on the beach in Panama City. We stayed there Friday (15th) night, and left the next morning. Panama City was not what we were expecting and not how i remember the times i been when i was a youngin. Just going to say we wouldn’t go back and leave it at that, the beach is beautiful though, but the town, not so much.. at all. We still made the best of it and had fun though.

After Panama City we went to NOLA for 5 days. Beautiful Airbnb, we visited tons of restaurants, so much food in this city and amazing food. Coffee shops, Beignets, Trolly, WWII Museum and more. Also, the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway has always been on my bucket list, it is the 2nd longest bridge over water in the world and 1st in the US. It is featured in many Hollywood movies and is 24 miles long. At one point for an 8 mile stretch you see no land in all directions.

For restaurants, we did about 70% vegan restaurants as Priscila is vegan and i enjoy seeing people smiling, she’s a food monster and loves vegan restaurants and trying new ones! Also it’s easier for me to hop into a vegan restaurant and find food, than it is for her to hop into an unfriendly vegan restaurant. Now we still ate at unfriendly, but we check the menu first though to see if there is something she can find vegan or have them make something, etc… Honestly i don’t mind vegan at all, i had a BBQ sandwich with Seitan (fake meat), tasted great. I’d totally go full vegan for the health benefits and a bonus of saving some animals from cruel lives. However, i need a ton of calories as CFers are malnutrition. Yes you can get lots of calories from vegan food, but it’s expensive and you spend a lot of your day eating if you want 3000 - 4000 calories a day. The other thing that’s hard for post-tx people is a lot of vegan food is with vegetables and being post-tx our immune system is suppressed and we don’t know if the veggies at the restaurant have been cleaned and washed from any of the bacteria on them from all the transporting they have gone through to get to my plate. Not saying post-tx people cannot be Vegan, i am sure there are plenty, post-tx CF though, i am curious how many of them there are. Never know though, maybe one day i’ll figure out a game plan and try it.

We did walk down Bourbon St our first night there, we were happy to cross it off the list and say we done it and no need to ever go back lol. It was crowded, dirty and just not pleasing, not our type of people, we are older now, not a fan of that. The roads were broken and muddy from spilled beer, people offering be drugs, people from up top the balconies throwing beads and empty plastic cups, cause they are drunk and think its funny. But we did it. We really loved Frenchmen St and Magazine St. We ate Poboys, i had Gumbo and Jambalaya of course, had too. Also take the Trolly (Dark Green) one if you ever get the chance. it’ll bring you by massive mansions and just beautiful parts of NOLA. And the WWII museum was incredible also.

On our way home we stopped at an AirBnb right outside of Tallahassee called The Sink Room which was pretty cool. It has stairs leading down to a dock on a small pond that was surrounded by beautiful woods, off the dock it dropped 30ft. It was a pond made by a sinkhole and still has water that flows through, Two massive tunnels are at the bottom, the tunnels run about 15-20 miles underground, when they found out where the tunnels went using dye, crazy brave scuba divers went through the entire tunnels using rope and a goPro. At some points they had to remove their scuba tanks and push them through holes cause they the circumference of the tunnel was so small…. NOPE, not a job for me.

Anyways, we had a great freaking time, below i have links for some of the restaurants we visited. If you need the AirBnb information, let me know, it was a great place we stayed at. Neighborhood was a little hood, but once you step inside you transform into a completely different atmosphere. Also included some pictures from the trip. Next trip? D.C.

Restaurant Reviews: Cafe Beignet / Killer Poboys / Cafe Du Monde

Vegan Friendly: Sneaky Pickle / Seed / Carmo