My 6 month bronch results and more

I am a little late on writing this, my 6 month bronch was about 2 weeks ago. A bronch is short for bronchoscopy, we get these often through out our post-tx life. We received them 1-2 times while still in the hospital right after transplant. And than 1 month after being released, 3 months, 6, 9 12, etc.. They go to every 6 months i believe eventually, and don’t know after that. A bronch is when we are put under anesthesia, they go down through our throat and into our lungs, they pull out 3 small pin head size pieces of our lung (right side), they take this three pieces and put them under a microscope. They are testing for infections and rejection mainly. Well my results came back and i have no rejection, which is great.

I originally posted it on facebook about having no rejection, however 5-6 hours after posting, the entire time it got me thinking and i had to post again. Basically my thing was we transplantees need to stop talking about rejection (acute) as such a bad thing. Yes it's a great feeling and you want to tell everyone that you have no rejection. But I've been on the other side, I've experienced rejection. Now, I look at life different than some, I get worried less about a lot of things that most people worry about. The average person that finds out they have rejection is going to think the worst and why? Because all you see on social media is people praising about no rejection and all that does is scare other transplantees, other friends. Rejection happens, it is most of the time out of our hands, but the worst thing to do is stress about it and reading all day long about no rejection here and no rejection there, makes the rejection person think endgame. So yeah, I've had rejection, who cares, I have no rejection now, who cares. The sooner you stop letting that word run your life is going to be the sooner you enjoy your life. Don't worry, be happy.